Gail Lols Jaffe P.A.

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After a session I am relaxed and at ease. Rarely drained but on even level, like I said an emotional reset. I would recommend BHS to all! I would say to a prospective client that it could help them re-set emotionally through a better body/mind connection.

It is healing – powerful healing I feel.  L.E.

During healing I am able to relax similar to the shavasana at the end of yoga – a deep relaxation that allows me to clear negative incoming thoughts and reflect on my intentions outlined during my therapy session. After healing I feel calm and at peace.  I.D.

If you are skeptical about energy healing work, you are definitely not alone.  I was the biggest skeptic, however, Gail has gained my trust through her professionalism, intuitive and psychotherapy skills, higher wisdom, kindness and willingness to be in the unknown together.

Her work is profound and I highly recommend Gail if you are willing to work with her.  She is not a “fix me” kind of gal.  You must be willing to do your own personal work.

I wish you well on your healing journey so that you too can align with your gifts and true Essence as Gail so eloquently guided me to see, feel, hear, and experience.  The work is not “woo-woo” stuff as many may believe (me included, at first), but work that requires a deep commitment to release old emotional wounding and ultimately align with our True Self.

Thank you Gail.  You are an amazing healer!

With authenticity and gratitude,

Sue Cacibauda, RN, BS, LMT, BHSP     Hansa Wellness Studio, Reno Nevada

I would say that it is a journey into discovering yourself while discovering, exploring how to be mindful in a very loud world. I’ve always been a “busy body”. It’s hard for me to sit still. When I went to college I studied with the music on. This has taught me to slow down and just listen, to breath and quiet down my mind, my body, and listen. Sounds so simple, but this is quite new to me! Through this I am finding a stronger self-connection, which is making my life a better place to live. 

Thank you Gail.  S.B.