Gail Lols Jaffe P.A.

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Gail's life philosophy as a therapist is taken from her essay

"Diamond Mosaic"


"I believe each of us must remain true to our own unique process of becoming the Diamond that we are intended to be without giving up on ourselves during the uncertain times. Concepts such as mid-life, old, or young should not restrict us from polishing our Diamond and insuring the most attractive setting possible so it will be its most beautiful when presented to God.  I believe each one of us sits on a shelf in the Cosmic Jewelry Store waiting in the dark for one who will walk in and choose us. In our dark moments we believe we are too flawed to be chosen. In the light that is inside us always we know we are already chosen"                -- Gail Lois Jaffe

See: The Diamond Project-Ordinary Women Leading Extraordinary Lives       Cynthia Hurst (Creator-Editor)