Gail Lols Jaffe P.A.

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Artist's Statement

Art is healing and healing is an art.   Healing and creating are lifetime processes and definitely nourish one another and enrich our lives, relationships and communities.  As each of us heals, we become more creative, and the synergy affects all we come in contact with.  For me, my artwork has been an expression of my essence ever since I was a little girl and my paintings continue to be prayers for transformation and healing.  Using personal and universal themes, my desire is that the viewer is invited and motivated to appreciate my art as well as to create their own personal masterpieces in whatever form they take.

It is rare to find an artist who captures the deeper meaning of what it means to be human.  Being an Astrologer, I am always fascinated by the way people are called to transform.

Gail is an Artist who knows all about celebrating the process of transformation.  She is a master Teacher, and Healer, and her artwork resonates with a deep knowingness of what a life journey is all about.  She captures all the magic, as well as the intensity, of what it means to transmute the difficulties into something beautiful.  There is a joy inside her paintings.  It comes from a very aware artist who feels deeply, and is able to convey important messages through her art.


~~~Leslie McGuirk~~~

World-renowned Astrologer, Teacher, Intuitive, Artist, and best-selling Author and Illustrator